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Earth Day 2020

Today we celebrate the 50th Earth Day differently, most of the world is practicing social distancing or quarantined so this time around we won’t get to enjoy nature as we would usually do on this day.

This pandemic has made us look at the world in a different form, and it has impacted many on how much they value our environment. Here at PEI, we value renewable energy and all the changes that are being made by our customers to help the planet. We are a proud member of the AWEA (American Wind Energy Association) and supply windmill farms with materials for their generators.

We have also been part of the change that has been made to locomotives to make them more eco-friendly during the years by supplying materials to the industry worldwide. With these changes in materials and technology, there has been an overall reduction in locomotive-produced pollution worldwide.

Everyone can do their part to help the planet, and we would love to know how you are helping!

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