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Electrical Insulation Distributor 


PEI has been involved with electrical insulation materials for well over a half-century. Over the years PEI has maintained many professional relationships with world-class producers of insulating materials; Representing these material producers allows PEI to stay a top competitor in today’s distributing industry. Our ability to deliver not only excellent products but dedicated customer service sets us apart as an electrical insulation distributor.


PEI is certified to supply industries as diverse as mining, off-shore drilling, electronics, transportation and heavy industry.This broad range of offerings allows us to use these products for developing customized solutions to your insulation requirements:

  • Slot Liners

  • Varnished Fiberglass

  • Adhesives

  • Electrical Grade Films & Flexible Laminates

  • Sleeving & Tubing 

  • Tie Cords & Lacing Tapes

  • Wire and Cable

  • Impregnating Resins

We have been a critically acclaimed insulation tape supplier for quite a while, but our expertise is only increasing as we expand our product lines to assist a variety of industries in insulation and other services. Our different liners, adhesives, and tubing amenities are dependable and regularly impress our customers. 

As a leading electrical insulation distributor, we also carry many products for that industry such as:

  • Solder

  • Flux

  • Cyano-Acrylates

  • Anaerobic Adhesive Systems

  • High Dielectric Silicone Fluids & Resins

  • Heat-Shrinkable Tubing

  • Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

  • Plasma Masking Product

  • Anti-Static Products


Our pressure-sensitive tapes are made from several different materials. PEI’s glass banding tape has extremely impressive capabilities as it was developed and patented by PEI founder Ted Paul. Our wide variety of global suppliers, in addition to our own manufactured tape, sets us apart as a premier electrical insulation tape supplier.

Keep in mind we also specialize in custom products and jobs. Email or call PEI (1 (800) 462-4734) for a quote or to talk to a product specialist.

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