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PEI's Glass Banding Tape 

Fiberglass banding tape was originally developed and patented by PEI founder Ted Paul in 1962. PEI was awarded a patent for the products subsequently known as “Polyglass Tape,” “Glass Band,” and “Resi-Glass.” Licenses were granted to manufacturers in Italy, Mexico, Brazil, and India. PEI continues to manufacture OEM approved fiberglass banding tape at its headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.


PEI's Glass Banding Tape is constructed of high tensile glass yarn laid flat and bonded with specially formulated fully catalyzed thermosetting resins. It is not a woven tape, thus it utilizes the maximum tensile strength of the glass, resulting in high modulus, low elongation, and high burst strength bands. 


Polyglass tape is our featured product due to these distinguished properties. The high-strength glass yarn is 220 Degree Temperate Rated due to its thermoset polyester resin. Meanwhile, glass banding provides consistent and unparalleled performance in DC equipment and transformer applications.

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Res-I-Glas® Banding Tape 

RES-I-GLAS®, originally owned by Fibertek who was acquired by PEI in July 2020, is known throughout the rotating electrical equipment industry for its tensile strength, durability, insulation value, ease of application, and storage shelf life, due to the uncompromised use of highest grade raw materials and consistent manufacturing process. 

RES-I-GLAS® is offered from stock in four standards, Type R, G, F, and M. Type F RES-I-GLAS® is for use on motors of temperature ranges up to and including Class H Plus (220°C). Armatures can be banded with this tape either hot or cold. This resin flow also results in greater prestress retention, thereby minimizing coil movement.

Types R and G are for use on Class F motors (155°C). Except for the content of resin, types R and G are identical. Type G is for use when hot armature banding and contains a nominal 27% resin. Type R has a nominal 32% resin and is for use when banding cold armatures, though it can also be used on hot armatures. Top performance can be obtained with either R or G, but the application techniques appropriate to each RES-I-GLAS® tape used must be observed. Type R can be substituted for Type G without resulting in anything more serious than slightly higher costs. Type M is the moisture resistant high temperature RES-I-GLAS® containing a nominal 27% resin. It is for use in applications up to 220°C where excessive moisture and temperature are critical factors.

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Contact PEI for a quote or questions: or 412.462.6300


PEI FlexBond & Res-I-Flex Sealable Armor Tape

PEI FlexBond & Fibertek Res-I-Flex is a B-Staged, epoxy coated, woven polyester/glass tape which shrinks and fuses during the cure cycle to insure a tough, conformal moisture and chemical resistant dielectric seal for AC stators and DC armature coils. During the cure cycle, the resin flows and the polyester yarns in the warp direction shrink providing a leak proof seal and eliminate the need for external pressure to be applied.

FlexBond / Res-I-Flex Tape is offered in 3 standard widths (3/4", 1", and 1-1/2") and can also be custom converted to your width specifications. The VPM is 2100 with 65% Resin Content.


To assure a complete seal, FlexBond/Res-I-Flex should be half lapped over the entire area of the coil. Recommended cure time is 1 hour at 170 Degrees Celsius or 3 hours at 150 degrees Celsius. Unlike other competitive armor tapes, FlexBond/Res-I-Flex, at the termination of the cure cycle, is completely cured and is not soft, nor tacky on the surface. Hence, it can be handled immediately without disrupting the tape. Since FlexBond/Res-I-flex is a B-Staged product, it is recommended that the same refrigerated storage practice be followed as for PEI Polyglas/Fibertek Res-I-Glas Banding Tape.

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Contact PEI for a quote or questions: or 412.462.6300

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