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The PEI Team

PEI is a service oriented company with a workforce dedicated to providing customer satisfaction through the development of personal relationships with our clients.


By understanding our clients' products and processes, business philosophy and organization we deliver a custom solution for each of our accounts. 


Tip Paul.PNG

Tip Paul


Pittsburgh, PA 

Luke Paul.PNG

Luke Paul


Pittsburgh, PA 

Lance Crow.PNG

Lance Crow

Senior Managing Director

Pittsburgh, PA 

Heather Broman.PNG

Heather Broman

Director, Business Operations

Pittsburgh, PA 

Rachel Simpson.PNG

Rachel S. Guarnieri

Director of Quality Control

Pittsburgh, PA 

Ralph Hernandez.PNG

Rafael Hernandez

Managing Director

Brownsville, TX

Jose Avila.PNG

Jose Avila

Director, Quality Assurance / Plant Manager

Brownsville, TX 

Norma Rodriguez.PNG

Norma Rodriguez

Customer Sales Supervisor

Brownsville, TX 

Daniel Ramirez.PNG

Daniel Ramirez

Sales Engineer

Monterrey, Mexico 

Xu Yongchun.PNG

Xu Yongchun

Project Coordinator, China

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