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The locomotive and transit business have been a focused business at PEI for years. It was this industry that was the main driver in PEI’s development of a patent for armature banding tape in 1957. The traction motor industry has some unique products requirements serviced by PEI: 


  • Silicone Rubber Connection Tape

  • Armature Banding Materials

  • Polyimide Film

  • Mica /Polyimide Laminates

  • Nomex® Heat Formed Parts

  • 15KV Sleeving Constructions

  • Teflon Coated Glass Fabrics

  • Silicone Coated Glass Fabrics

Electrical insulators for locomotives and transit are crucial to keep things running smoothly. Silicone rubber connection tape protects the metal from getting too hot. It can withstand high temperatures and does not easily give into wear and tear. Polyimide film is an excellent asset that helps maintain mechanical properties under harsh conditions. The Mica and Polyimide laminates use multiple layers to achieve strength and stability. Glass fabrics are woven with a glass fabric base resin laminate and sandwiched materials. Contact Pittsburgh Electrical Solutions today for electrical insulators for locomotives.

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