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PEI Featured on Local News for Face Shield Donations to Healthcare Workers


PEI was featured on the local news station, Valley Central News, in Brownsville, TX for its efforts to help out during the COVID-19 crisis by manufacturing and donating over 600 face shields to medical professionals around the country.


During the past few weeks, our team in Brownsville, TX has been working extra hard to make face shields out of plastic, foam, rubber bands and tape to donate to healthcare workers around the country, so that they can stay as safe as possible.

We retrofitted some of our machinery to manufacture them, are planning to expand the production, and will hopefully be able to donate more. So far, we have shipped out over 600 face shields around the country. We are also looking into the possibility of making facemasks similar to the N-95 so we can keep on helping.

We have been in the electrical insulation business for over seventy years providing insulation to keep electrical products safe, and we are more than willing to now help our community stay insulated from this virus.

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