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Electric Converting Services


PEI can customize its own products or combine its own materials with products it distributes. Specifically, the company can laminate, sheet, slit, fabricate and die-cut film, electrical-grade papers, and laminate to any specifications.


Converting services for insulating materials are done in Pittsburgh,PA, and Brownsville, TX. Tape conversion services are popular due to the high demand for properly converted tapes to be slit to a specific size for your unique use. Tapes can be slit to any desired width, including as narrow as 1/8". Stamping of OEM or replacement parts are done with steel or laser dies, depending upon customer requirements. Commonly converted materials are polyimide films, NMN, thermally upgraded papers, DMD, transformer materials, polyester films and polyamide papers. 


PEI continues to upgrade its converting services, improving its capacity to customize insulation systems for clients' strict demands. We can perform a wide array of tape conversion services, such as film, laminate, paper, and felt conversions, but we hope to expand our expertise to even more products. If you have a special request, please do not hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to accommodate your needs.

You can count on PEI to customize or combine products to meet special requirements and applications with the

best results.


PEI sheets, slits and fabricates insulation products at its Pittsburgh, PA and Brownsville, TX facilities.

The company uses the following materials:


  • ILN Norplex Reinforced Laminates 

  • Micarta

  • GPO-1, GPO-2, GPO-3 Laminated

  • Polyester Felt

  • Cytec Engineered Materials Scotchply

  • Arlon Flexible Insulation

  • St.Gobain Teflon

  • Isovolta Coated Fabrics, Mica Products

  • Accurate Plastic G7, G9, G10, Melamine

  • ITP Cequin™, Tufquin™, Thermovolt™ Laminates

  • Cottrell Copaco Paper, Kraft

  • Kaneka Apical Polymide Film

  • Dupont Company Nomex®, Mylar®, Teflon®, Kapton®


PEI also provides custom slitting of pressure-sensitive tape from 1/16" to full width log rolls.

PEI uses tapes supplied by:

  • Ideal Tape Electrical/Electronic/Industrial Pressure Sensitive Tapes

  • 3M Authorized Electrical Products Distributor

  • Saint Gobain

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