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In 2022, we commemorated the many achievements of PEI from its innovative beginnings
in 1947 to meet the requirements of a new era in electrical technology.


In both retrospect and outlook, we extend our appreciation to our customers both established and new. We look forward to servicing our customers into the future and thank you for your continued patronage. We recognize that through our mission to good service and your continued business, we are able to continue manufacturing and distributing quality electrical insulating materials.


Servicing both OEM and repair markets, we operate from an extensive inventory and a global network of suppliers. PEI is uniquely positioned to offer cost-effective solutions for the most demanding applications. PEI makes it a priority to deliver quality products at affordable pricing.


In 1947 Theodore Paul founded Pittsburgh Electrical Insulation (PEI) with the goal to be able to provide quality service and products for the Electrical Industry. In 1962, Mr. Paul developed and patented both the product and the process of manufacturing a B-Stage Fiberglass Armature Banding Tape. Originally trademarked as"Polyglass Banding Tape", this product is now globally referred to as armature banding tape. Once approved by EMD divisions and General Motors, and later G.E., this tape became and remains the standard for DC equipment globally.


For 66 years, PEI has stayed in continuous management under the Paul family. Today the business is directed by T.H. "Tip" Paul from headquarters located in Pittsburgh, PA, with the values and dedication evolved from previous generations.


PEI has grown with the industry, constantly meeting the standards and demands of our customers. We started out as a distributor and throughout history we gained the knowledge and experience that allowed our company to expand into a manufacturer and a converter.


The PEI operations in Pittsburgh, PA and Brownsville, TX are supported by satellite offices in Santiago, Chile, Monterrey, Mexico, and Beijing, China This international aspect of our business benefits our customers from an expansive network of suppliers, logistic experts, and multinational customers which brings a global perspective to our business.


Our vision, expertise, and value we place on customer satisfaction makes us a fierce competitor in the Electrical Industry and always has since 1947.

PEI History
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