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Global Product Sourcing

An independent corporation free to source globally. Providing the best cost, quality, and delivery combination for your applications.



Uniquely qualified

to customize a supply program utilizing the appropriate products at

the best possible



In house quality assurance programs

that ensure our

products meet

or exceed your specifications.



PEI receives a quote request from the customer.


PEI will analyze the request and, if necessary, ask questions to ensure all details are understood.

4 QUOTE  >


PEI submits an official detailed quote to the customer.




PEI pinpoints the vendor that best fits the customer’s need.

This step may include:

sending samples,

in-house manufacturing, 

in-house converting, 

and/or using our global 

distribution networks.


A PO sent over from the customer will take the quote out of “quote status” and push it into the “final order stage”.


Upon receipt of the PO the customer receives an acknowledgement of order within 24-48 hours.


(PEI will update the customer accordingly and before acknowledgement is sent If any details have changed between the time the quote was sent to the customer and the time the customer sent the PO to PEI.)



If necessary PEI will negotiate with outside vendors for the best possible price and lead time in regards to materials needed for the final product. 



Once in final order stage, the quote's details are implemented and order is processed completely.

This six-step global sourcing strategy allows us to professionally assist you in your product or service requests. When detail is provided to each step of the global sourcing strategy we are better able to adequately assess your preferences and needs, so we can serve you to the best of our ability. Global product sourcing can be a huge benefit to your company. This is most efficient when we know what you are looking for when we receive and analyze your quote. We move to strategizing to figure out how we can serve you best. After we figure out what approach to take, we return to you to negotiate and see how we can accommodate the best option for both parties involved. Then, you will receive an official quote to finalize the agreement. When the order is accepted we can get the global product sourcing process started and quickly move onto implementation.

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