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Electrical Insulator Manufacturer


As specialists in this growing field, PEI offers a full range of materials for jobs of any size or complexity. At PEI, we can manufacture any type of insulation to your specifications, guaranteeing quality and UL system compatibility. We are an electrical insulation manufacturer that will not let you down.


Since 1947, Pittsburgh Electrical Insulation (PEI) has grown from a distributor of a few electrical insulation products to a manufacturer, converter and full-line supplier of various electrical insulation products used in the building and repair of electrical apparatus.


Our demand-flow manufacturing techniques give you immediate access to our electrical insulation products on a timetable that’s convenient for you! 

As a leading electrical insulation manufacturer, we have clients worldwide who are impressed with our manufactured materials. Our expertise is incomparable, and the customization we provide will allow for a smooth insulation process from start to finish.


PEI can manufacture to OEM specifications, any type of insulation system with guaranteed quality, and UL approval.This enables the company to create specialized insulation materials tailored to a client's individual needs.


PEI manufactures and converts a wide range of High-performance PEI Brand Products including:

Heat-Shrinkable Polyester (HSP) Tape

Designed for use on stator, armature and field coils. Can also be used as an inside binder on high-voltage coils. Thermally stable for continuous operation at 180°C (356°F).


Armature Banding Tape


PEI Polyglas™ Banding Tape is a B-staged tape used primarily in banding coils in DC and traction motor armatures. PEI banding tape is rated for 220°C applications. Tensile strength is also rated 1,000 psi. This product can also be used as a B-staged tie cord. Available in rolls and spools.


Edging Tape


This product is used in conjunction with armature banding tape. It is laid down prior to the banding tape to give edge protection to the banding tape and acts as a guide line for the banding tape build up. PEI edging tape bonds excellently to the armature banding tape because all tail material is treated. 


Surge Rope

Surge Rope is used primarily as a tie down for large stator coil. This rope comes in both an untreated version and a B-stage version. Therefore, PEI has a surge rope product suited for any varnish application you may have. Available in diameters up to one inch.


Dacron Felt

Dacron Felt is used primarily as a blocking material in formed wound stator coils, in order to minimize vibration. It fills gaps between the coils and absorbs resin during the resin impregnation process of making and repairing motors. This felt is available in variety of widths and in thicknesses of .063, .125, and .250. Dacron felt is also available in a variety of densities.


Polyimide Film

This PEI polyimide film is a high performance insulting film. It is characterized by high dielectric strength, with very low film build and rated for 220°C applications. This film is ideal for traction motor and large DC motor applications. It also has good chemical and abrasion resistance. Available in straight film and pressure sensitive tape.


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Mica Tape

Mica tape is used as an insulator for ground wall and connection insulation in large AC and DC formed wound motor coil applications. There are a variety of constructions. Mica tape is used where long term voltage endurance is an issue. PEI mica tapes are available in fully cured and B-staged versions.


Fiberglass Tape

Fiberglass tape is used as an armor tape in high heat applications up to 220°C for stator and armature coils. It is a woven tape that is characterized by good conformability and strength. Also used as an abrasive protection on connections where mica tape is necessary.


Coated Fiber Glass Sleeving

Fiber glass sleeving is used as an insulator on leads and connections where taping is either inconvenient or too time consuming. PEI sleeving is available in acrylic, silicone resin, and silicone rubber coated, as well as an extruded silicone rubber coating. Available in spools and lengths and there is a variety of colors. Standard products are available up to 7kv dielectric strength. Meets UL and CSA requirements.

Polyester Film

PEI polyester is a high dielectric product designed for low temperature applications up to 130°C (266ºF) intermittent. It is a very economical choice for any class B application. PEI polyester film is available in thickness from .001” up to .10”. It is also available in log roll or specified slit widths.


Wedges, Rigids and Fabricated Mica Plates

PEI can offer a multitude of fabricated parts. The composition of these parts can range from rigid wedge material, fabricated glass composite, such as GPO-3 and G-10, to fabricated parts for traction and DC motors made from rigid mica plates. No job is too large or too small. These materials are also available in sheet form.


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