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EASA Show w/ SWECO - Las Vegas, NV - 2019

Booth #648 - PEI & SWECO

EASA Show, Las Vegas NV - June 29th to July 2nd, 2019 | Booth #648

Pittsburgh Electrical Insulation's President, Tip Paul with SWECO Inc.'s President, Daniel Lee


PEI and SWECO Inc. partnered up at the EASA Show this year to demonstrate the wide array of our electrical insulation product offerings on-site in the wonderful city of Las Vegas, NV!

Pittsburgh Electrical Insulation is proud to be a distributor of SWECO's Mica Tapes and other electrical insulation product offerings in North America to provide our customers with ISO-Certified tapes, felts, aramid papers, and more - that have all gone through rigorous testing and are manufactured under stringent quality management practices, including our own product quality reviews. SWECO has been a great addition to our network of over 70 suppliers in our distribution network, which all adds up to being able to provide the greatest level of customer service, product options, and affordability for our customers.

It was a great pleasure to meet with so many of our old friends and greet new ones as well, and we sincerely thank everyone who stopped by to see us at the show!

If you were not able to connect with us at the show, but would be interested to learn more about the hundreds of electrical insulation products we can custom slit, punch, dye and send straight to your door on your schedule - give us a call at 1-833-PEI-TAPE (1-833-734-8273) or reach out to us for a quote on our website and one of our sales reps will get in contact with you immediately to see how PEI can meet your specific needs.

SWECO, Inc.'s - Product Catalogue for the Electrical Insulation Industry

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