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PEI's Rail Industry Expertise

Feeling "De-Railed" by your current supplier? Let PEI help you get back on track!

PEI has been supplying electrical insulation components for the most common motors (GE 761 & GE 752 / EMD D-77 & EMD D-78) used in the rail industry for decades, whether the traction motors are being manufactured in-house, rewound, rebuilt, or repaired, we have the electrical insulation components to meet your specs.

Some of our most popular products include our manufactured banding tape, converted tapes (fiberglass, kapton tapes, red silicone tapes, and mica tapes), mylar, papers (nomex, aramid, and mica), flexible and rigid laminates (esp. G-11 Laminates), epoxy kits, resins, armature clips, insulating rings, red insulating spray, wedges, lugs, and gadus grease.

If you're looking for any electrical insulation components - either for OEM or Repair - trust PEI to supply you with the highest quality electrical insulation products at the time that you need it.

Contact us now for a comparative quote from one of our dedicated sales reps or call 1-800-462-4734.

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