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#GetToKnowYourCustomersDay Appreciation for our Customers


During these difficult times where everything is uncertain and healthcare providers need support now more than ever, we would like to congratulate and recognize some of our clients who are working nonstop to help us get through this crisis. Today, in the face of this pandemic, we are getting to know our customers through a different lens on how they have been stepping up to help.


Siemens built a robot to disinfect high risk areas so the medical staff doesn’t expose themselves to the virus. They have also been working to keep the power plants going to #KeepTheLightsOn worldwide. As if that help weren’t enough, they are using their Additive Manufacturing area to build medical devices through 3D printing, which makes the process faster than it would take manufacturing otherwise. They have also set up a CoVid19 aid fund where the employees donate and the board matches their donation.


Another one of our customers, GE, have been helping the medical staff by working 24/7 (they added an extra third shift) to build ventilators for the more critic patients. They also used 3D printing by their top engineers to create a new kind of face shield that can be sterilized at high heat, has an additional part that allows doctors and nurses to lift the face shield.

By creating these face shields they extend the N95 masks wear time. Recently they partnered with Ford Motors to produce 50,000 ventilators in a common effort to fight the virus.


Last but not least, Pittsburgh-based Wabtec has partnered with Tronix3D to provide PPE for the local health system. They are also making sure ventilators, PPE, and other critical supplies get to their destinations as fast as possible by using its Global Optimization Centers to keep the supply chain running.

These optimization centers collectively monitor 17,000 locomotives worldwide to make sure that patients and healthcare professionals have the supplies they need. In March alone, Wabtec delivered over 120 BILLION tons of freight to communities around the world.


We greatly admire our customers and their employees for all the time and effort that they have put into this noble cause on this #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay. We are proud to work with such caring companies and wanted to share with you, not only what we are doing to help, but also how our customers have helped on this fight against CoVid19.

We love to hear from all of our customers, and even if your company is not able to do anything “extraordinary” right now like the examples above, we would still love to hear from you and learn about how we can help support you better during these times and going forward.

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