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As specialists in this growing field, PEI offers a full range of materials for jobs of any size or complexity.  More >


PEI can customize its own products or combine its own materials with products it distributes. More >


PEI has been involved with electrical insulation materials for well over a half-century. More >



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PEI is a service oriented company with a workforce dedicated to providing customer satisfaction through the development of personal relationships with our clients.


By understanding our clients' products and processes, business philosophy, and organization, we deliver a custom solution for each of our accounts. 

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At PEI we welcome your inquiries.


Our knowledgeable staff know how vital it is that you receive the correct materials at the most reasonable price and delivery time. 


Contact PEI today and talk to one of our experts about your specific electrical insulation needs. 





Pittsburgh Electrical Insulation is a manufacturer, converter, and distributor of all your electrical insulation needs. PEI has an excellent team that is dedicated to fulfilling your requests. As a service oriented company, we are committed to globally delivering distinguished products and services. Pittsburgh Electrical Insulation makes it a priority to build strong relationships with industry leading suppliers, so you can find all the electrical insulation products you need with ease. As a connected electrical insulation provider, our products are incomparable. Our website and team will assist you in finding the products and services you need to skillfully complete any job.

PEI offers a variety of materials to assist you throughout the entire electrical insulation process. If you need adhesives there is an array of options you can choose from, including one-part and two-part epoxy and silicone. There are a variety of cable ties as well to assist you with any assignment. If you are in search of electrical grade papers, look no further. Our diverse assortment can benefit any project. In addition, we carry fiberglass and polyester tapes, varnishes, flexible insulation materials, magnet wires, and high-performance films.

 At PEI, we do more than carry the best electric products and components. We also provide specialized services, such as manufacturing, converting, and distribution, to clients globally.  PEI is capable of manufacturing and converting tapes, films, felts, and rope. One popular custom manufactured tape is our mica tape, which is a great insulator. We manufacture it using just the right amount of mica paper, reinforcements, and epoxy adhesive. Converting and distributing services can be customized as well.


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To become the top electrical insulation company in the world through the complete satisfaction of our customers.
Provide our customers with customized solutions to their unique requirements through our technical expertise, clear communication, and exceptional customer service.
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