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Product Spotlight: PEI41-R "Fast Dry" Red Insulating Paint

About PEI-41R Red Insulating Paint

PEI-41R is one of PEI's top-selling products. It's "Fast Dry" feature makes quick work of repair jobs, while offering Class "F" Thermal Protection, a glossy finish that sheds dirt, and high dielectric strength. PEI-41R is a modified polyester insulating enamel that serves a dual function as an insulating varnish and a finish coat all-in-one.


Applicable Uses for Red Insulator

Red insulating varnish is a common material used in the electromechanical industry for coating and insulating electrical components. PEI-41R can provide a protective coating over a variety of electrical components, such as wires, coils, and transformers.

The red color of the varnish helps to identify coated components, making it easier to identify which parts have been coated and which have not. This is important because the coating provides insulation, which helps to prevent electrical current from leaking or shorting out.

Without insulation, electricity can arc between components or wires, leading to damage or failure of the equipment.

Red insulating varnish can be applied using a variety of methods, including brushing, dipping, or spraying. Once the varnish has been applied, it must be allowed to dry and cure completely, which can take several hours or days depending on the type and thickness of the coating. However, PEI's red insulating paint has a "fast dry" feature that allows repair shops to get their work done quickly and efficiently, with a cure schedule of only 5-15 minutes to air dry!

Red insulating varnish ensures the safe and reliable operation of electrical components by providing insulation and protection against electrical arcing and other forms of damage and is a critical insulating component in the electromechanical industry overall.


Technical Data Sheet


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