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Motor Repair/Coil Manufacturing

Servicing motor repair facilities and coil manufacturers goes hand in hand with servicing OEM motor manufacturing. PEI understands the service levels needed for immediate shipments and quick responses to issues. We are positioned to service motor repair facilities with items such as: 


  • Slot liner Papers both Class H and Class F

  • Phase Paper

  • Wedges

  • Adhesive tapes

  • Red Insulating Paint

  • Lead Wire

  • Resin Kits and Varnish

  • Rigid Laminates

  • DC Armature Banding Tape and Resins

  • Surge Rope and Tie Cords

  • Felt Coil Blocking Material

  • Shrinkable Polyester Tape

  • Brazing Alloys

  • Pressboards

  • Duct Spacers

  • Paper Tubes

  • Diamond Dot Paper

  • Aramid Paper

  • Polyester Dogbone

  • Polyester Sheets

  • Sleeving and Tubing

  • Resins

  • Glass Tapes

  • Grid Materials

  • Polyester Film

Electrical insulators for coil manufacturing keep coils warm.  This helps the coils form into different shapes, patterns, and styles. Coils are often made out of materials that are high conductors of electricity, which increases manufacturing risks. These risks can be minimized or avoided using the electrical insulators for coil manufacturing that we have to offer. Surge rope and tie cords are extremely helpful in this regard. In addition, sleeving and tubing are excellent insulation resources that keep you safe because they surround and completely enclose heat.

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