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Marca Fibertek - Productos de aislamiento 

PEI adquirió la división de productos eléctricos de Fibertek, Inc. en julio de 2020. La marca Fibertek tiene un largo historial de fabricación de cintas de fibra de vidrio especializadas de vanguardia y laminados de alto rendimiento para aplicaciones de aislamiento eléctrico en motores, generadores y transformadores eléctricos. Incorporar Fibertek al grupo de fabricación de PEI amplió el alcance y la profundidad de nuestras capacidades de fabricación y ofertas de marca con sede en EE. UU.

Con esta adquisición, también obtuvimos la capacidad de realizar pruebas de laboratorio internas, fabricar laminados DMD flexibles aprobados por UL y producir película de poliéster termocontraíble (HSP) para complementar nuestra cinta HSP.

Los productos de la marca Fibertek de PEI incluyen las siguientes líneas:

RES-I-LAM® Flexible Laminates

The Fibertek ''Res-I-Lam'' family of DMD Flexible Laminates is both new and revolutionary in today's marketplace. All other producers of DMD Laminates use a solvent based adhesive system which falls woefully short of the quality features of the Fibertek DMD products. The Fibertek superiority is a direct result of our proprietary solvent-free adhesive system, developed and employed exclusively by Fibertek.


Res-I-Lam utilizes a high temperature, thermosetting, highly crosslinked, co-polymer system. 


Please view the brochure for more details on stock sizes and product specifics. If you are looking for wedges, please view this brochure specific to Res-I-Lam formed wedges.

RES-I-GLAS® Banding Tape

RES-I-GLAS®, originally owned by Fibertek, is known throughout the rotating electrical equipment industry for its tensile strength, durability, insulation value, ease of application, and storage shelf life, due to the uncompromised use of highest grade raw materials and consistent manufacturing process. 

RES-I-GLAS® is offered from stock in four standards, Type R, G, F, and M. Type F RES-I-GLAS® is for use on motors of temperature ranges up to and including Class H Plus (220°C). Armatures can be banded with this tape either hot or cold. This resin flow also results in greater prestress retention, thereby minimizing coil movement.

RES-I-STRAINT® Edging Tape

Fibertek Res-I-Straint is an important component of the complete Fibertek Banding System. It assures your glass band of being the strongest, most secure and most accurate possible. Res-I-Straint Tadpole Edging Tape is a nominal 5% resin impregnated and ''B'' staged edging tape used in conjunction with glass banding tape to provide a more uniform glass band.

It can also be used as a means of band stress relief when banding a wide area by using a third or intermediate restraint in the center of the glass band. Res-I-Straint is placed upon the armature prior to the banding tape application and the sewn-in bead forms the outer edges of the glass band. Hence, the diameter of the bead is proportionate to the thickness of the band.

B-Stage Surge Rope

Fibertek Surge Rope is constructed using a core of glass yarns which have been impregnated with a thermosetting modified polyester resin system rated at Class H Plus 220 degrees C. The B-Stage core is overbraided with a spun polyester fiber encapsulating the core. It is designed for surge ring and other structural applications requiring a rigid insulating and high mechanical strength material.

The Fibertek B-Stage Surge Rope incorporates a 35% resin content of 220 degrees C modified polyester resin. The polyester braid provides a dry, user friendly jacket which eliminates the need to directly handle glass fibers during installation. The braid provides for a more flexible product which enables the user to tie tighter knots and eliminates the need for additional protection around the coils.

RES-I-FLEX Sealable Armor Tape

Fibertek Res-I-Flex is a B-Staged, epoxy coated, woven polyester/glass tape which shrinks and fuses during the cure cycle to insure a tough, conformal moisture and chemical resistant dielectric seal for AC stators and DC armature coils. During the cure cycle, the resin flows and the polyester yarns in the warp direction shrink providing a leak proof seal and eliminate the need for external pressure to be applied.

To assure a complete seal, Res-I-Flex should be half lapped over the entire area of the coil. Two layer coverage is recommended. Recommended cure time is 1 hour at 170 Degrees Celsius or 3 hours at 150 degrees Celsius.

RES-I-BAND Banding Film

Fibertek Res-I-Band is an important component of the complete Fibertek Banding System. It enhances the performance, insulation integrity and the appearance of the glass bands on armatures and commutators.


RES-I-BAND Banding Film is a heat shrinkable polyester film specially designed for use with glass banding tapes to improve the finish and appearance on banded armatures and commutators. The pre-set and uniform shrinkage of Res-I-Band improves resin flow and provides a smooth finish on the glass band. It also minimizes build up of foreign matter thereby reducing the possibility of tracking.

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