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Transformer Manufacturing and Repair

The PEI product line is suited for servicing the repair and manufacturing of dry type, oil filled and cast coil transformers. Some of the key product lines we carry to service these industries are as follows: 


  • Topsticks

  • Lugs and Connectors

  • Glass Armor Tape

  • Resins and Adhesives

  • Adhesive Tapes

  • Heat Shrink Tubing

Electrical insulator tape for transformer repair is extremely helpful when it comes to manufacturing. Our glass armor tape and adhesive tape are what we recommend for this line of repair. Glass armor tape offers protection by blocking abrasives such as fly ash and rock dust. Adhesive tape is a sticky tape that can assist with transformer repair because its pressure-sensitive adhesive coating easily latches onto backing materials, including paper, plastic film, metal foil, or cloth. Protect your transformers throughout the entire manufacturing process by using an electrical insulator tape for transformer repair. PEI is also able to manufacture custom products and services if you think that another option would be best for your manufacturing objective. Contact us today for a reliable quote.

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