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Generator Manufacturing and Service

PEI looks upon the generator market as a key component to our business. We service both the OEM and service segments. We have experience in making sure we have materials to job sites for the service industry on time, whether it is for planned or emergency service situations.

The following are some of the key products we supply to the generator industry: 

  • Teflon Films, Tape and Tubes

  • Banding for Exciters

  • Polyester/Glass Tying Tapes and Cords

  • Silicone Rubber Connection Tapes

  • Woven Glass Tapes and Fabric for Mechanical Protections

  • Fabricated Laminated Parts such as G-10 and G-11

  • Heat Shrink Tubing

  • Dacron Felt for Filler and Support Applications

  • Adhesive tapes

  • Stator Winding Caps

  • Brazing Alloys

Generators are essential for so many aspects of our modern-day amenities. They produce electricity for heaters, cars, and other appliances. However, the production of generators takes a lot of skill and precision, which is why electrical insulators for generator manufacturing are used. PEI uses banding for exciters and silicone rubber connection tapes to reduce harmful shocks and increase protection. Brazing alloys and Dacron felt for filler and support applications are becoming more popular as well. Whether you use welding, soldering, or brazing methods, the materials we provide help ensure that each manufacturing job is completed as safely and as efficiently as possible. Shop PEI to find electrical insulators for generator manufacturing.

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